I hardly ever wear heels because I can’t walk in them and I always get blisters. I love them, though, and I’m trying to wear them more often. I wore them yesterday and could only make it to lunch before I needed to change into a pair of flats that I brought because I knew my feet would be killing me. I also wore my flats in the morning to walk from the parking lot to my classroom all the way to the other end of school.

Etsy is awesome for having things that you never thought you needed until you see all of the innovative designs.  I found some novel heels (get it? yeah, that just happened lol) and my favorites are below.


Comic book heels

Bizarro Superman - Comic Book Heels - Comic Book Shoes - DC Comics - Platform Pumps - Custom

Via Macklin’s Murals on Etsy


Heel Bookends

bookends. repurposed black high heel platform pumps with rhinestones.book lover gift. bibliophile. upcycled.

By Giddy Spinster


Book text heels

Inspired Grey Heels

Custom made by ilyBdesigns on Etsy


Upcycled dictionary print

High Heel Shoe Page Art Print  Vintage Dictionary Page Up Cycled

Via Page Rager


Fashion shoe engravings

Engravings Shoes Page Altered Art Book Old Shabby Chic Womens Vintage Red and White High Heels Deco Print French Fashion Picture 093

From Print Gallery


Outfit 4

Today it was finally warm enough to go bare legged! Here’s my outfit:


Top: Target

Skirt: Target

Heels: Target

Necklace: Charming Charlie’s

Belt: from a dress bought at Macy’s

The shirt has a great back lace detail.


Notebook paper nails

Apparently there are a lot of people that do this. I love it; people are so talented!  Some of the links include more photos and how the nails were created.

Kelsie’s Nail Files

This is how I made an “S” in every note I wrote in middle school

Enamel Girl

So cute.

Nail Polish Anonymous

I love the matte finish.

Nail Art Gallery


Not notebook paper, but still school related. Plus, this photo is just awesome.

Stylish Calculators

I was searching for something else, and came across these adorable calculators at Ali Express. As an English teacher, I never think about using a calculator until grading time comes around. Then I realize if I can’t count it on my fingers and toes, I’m not going to be able to add up all the different sections on the test AND calculate the percentage grade.

Cartoon Owl Calculator Office Stationery--(China (Mainland))

Um, more owl love. What can I say?

Hello kitty calculator kt cat cartoon computer owl solar calculator kt-2288a(China (Mainland))

The site has at least a dozen Hello Kitty design calculator

Foldable, bendable calculators in bright colors

Transparent – so cool

Modern and basic.

Owl love

I decided to dedicate an entire post to my love of owls.  Owls are pretty popular lately and there are so many modern, colorful depictions of owls on clothing and jewelry.  I’ve found some cute, affordable owl adorned supplies for the classroom as well.

At Paper Source:

Personalized Owl Notepad                             Owl sticky notes and notepads


Owl coffee cup                                                       Lavendar scented hand lotion


From Mibo

Wise Guys

These downloadable owls have all of the expressions I have at school: sleepy, worried, and over caffeinated. So perfect for my desk.


At Decorate Your Desk

office desk pads

Pencil cup holder (edited to add this is currently out of stock :()